Thursday, June 16, 2016

Assignment I am most proud of

The assignment that I am most proud of was my levitation photographs. This assignment was very challenging to do as I had very little photoshop experience before this assignment. Since we had to use photoshop to make the photographs look as realistic as possible. After lots of work, I had two high quality photographs that I think look very realistic. Another challenge was actually taking the photographs. I had to make sure that where I was taking the photos had a plain and simple background so that I knew what needed to be deleted around the model. I also had to make sure that the models were able to pose the way that I needed them to so that it would look as realistic as possible. Not only would each of these things be challenging on their own, but having to find a simple background in a place where the models could pose was very hard to do, but I was able to successfully photograph them. This project took lots of effort and hard work, but I was able to complete two successful photographs to publish. This work impacted my learning a lot as it taught me the basics of photoshop. Since I had hardly ever used photoshop before this assignment, this project taught me the basics on how to erase, move layers, add shadows, and more to create realistic photographs. Not only that, but this project showed me how to be patient within photography. I got frustrated with erasing the background layers because it was very time consuming to do. This project made me realized that being patient will lead to better results in the long run and if I had rushed, my photos wouldn't have come out as good as they did. 

Most Memorable Experiences

I think that one of my most memorable experiences in Photo was doing the pinhole cameras. It was my first time ever using film photography in any setting. Not only was it my first time using a film camera, but also my first time working in the dark room to create the images. This project was also very loose and open, which I liked. We had the freedom to take photographs of people, but other than that had no limits on posing, which I enjoyed. This project was also very exciting to do as there was the element of surprise because we couldn't tell how our photos came out until we had ran them through the chemicals. Not only was this project fund to do, but it also had a large impact on my learning about photography. Before this assignment, I didn't know anything about how film photography worked. Now, I know the process that creates a film photograph. I also didn't know about what happens in a dark room. This assignment taught me what happens after you take the photograph to when it becomes a printed photograph. This project was a very unique and enjoyable project, and it taught me a lot about the process of photography. Therefore, it was one of my most memorable and enjoyable experiences during this semester.

Another one of my more memorable experiences in this class was the Who Am I? project. This project allowed me to express myself by creating an imovie talking about what made me the person I am. In this project, I talked about my experiences in St. John, in the Caribbean and how that has made me into the person I am today. This project was also memorable as again, we had lots of freedom to create what we wanted to and truly express ourselves. This project gave me an insight as to what kind of person I am because I really had to think about who I really am. In a way, it was a project that not only allowed us to be creative in showing who we are, but a way to really think about who we are and who we want to be later on in life. This project had a huge impact on my learning, even within other subjects. In english class, we were tasked with the assignment to write a personal essay. After much thought, I remembered this project and based my essay off of the basic principles of this project. The essay is one of my favorite pieces of writing that I wrote of all time. This project had a huge impact on my life and truly made me think, "Who am I?". I think that it helped me figure out who I am and gave me inspiration on who I want to be later on in life.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Pinhole Photography

Throughout the process of working with Pinhole Cameras, I learned a lot about how they work and the basic premise of film photography. Going into this assignment I knew very little about how film photography worked so this project gave me an insight to how it works. I learned how the lighting is opposite. If you want your picture to look lighter, you would think that you want more light on the photo. In fact, it is the opposite. If you want your photograph to look lighter, then you must let in a smaller amount of light. If you want a photo to look darker, then you need to have more light coming into the photo. I also learned the process of making photographs in the dark room. First one takes their photo after it has been exposed to light and puts it into the developer, which develops the photo onto the paper. Instead of it being a regular black and white photo it is negative, so dark colors appear white and vice versa. After going in the developer, the photo goes into the Stop Bath, which stops the developing process. Then, the photo goes into the fixer which fixes the photo permanently fixes the photo on the paper. After 45 second in the fixer, you can bring the photo into light so you can see how the photograph looks. After going back into the fixer for a few more minutes, the photo goes into the rinse which gets rid of the silver nitrate (from the fixer) on the photo. Then your negative photo is complete. In order to make a positive, you must expose another piece of photo paper under your negative to light from an enlarger, but you don't enlarge the photo. After exposing the paper to the light, you put it back through the same chemicals and follow the same process to get your final product.

There were many different parts of this project that were exciting and fun. I personally enjoyed the act of taking the photos. It was fun and challenging to continue to set up the photos and make sure that the model was in an interesting pose that the viewer would enjoy. I also enjoyed the process of using the dark room. It was exciting to rush into the room with the photo and see how your hard work would come out. It was also fun to finally create our positives (the black and white final photographs). I enjoyed using the enlargers to make the image appear and then working quickly to get the photo through all of the chemicals to see the final product. Overall, I really enjoyed this project and it was all very interesting and fun to do.

As fun and exciting as this project was, there were several challenges to it. One of the most challenging in the shooting process was getting the lighting correct. I had a few photos look very dark because of the positioning of the sun. Also, it was hard sometimes for the model to stay still for such a long amount of time. This was equally frustrating as you took such a long time to set up the shot, take it, and run the paper through the chemicals all for naught. In the dark room, the biggest challenge was finding a correct exposure time. I often had to take several tries to get a correct exposure, which was very time consuming as I wanted to finish as many photos as I could, but unfortunately I didn't have enough time to make all of my negatives positive. Those were the main challenges during the process, but there were a couple of smaller ones, such as making sure that your timing was right with using the chemicals and not having your photo stay in one chemical for too long. Another little challenge was making sure that both doors to the dark room weren't open at the same time, as this would ruin all of the photos. Fortunately when it happened, it didn't impact and of the photographs. Even though there were several challenges, this project was still very fun to take part in.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Forced Perspective Photography


  • To continue to develop creative problem-solving skills by creating forced perspective photographs in a unique original way;
  • To practice altering perspective and looking at subjects in a unique way;

  • To further develop your Photoshop knowledge and skills;

There were several different challenges I had during this project and several successes. One of my challenges was coming up with ideas for a photo. This took lots of thinking and plotting out how certain ideas would work. Taking the photos was relatively easy and was a success for me. Another challenge was making sure the photos looked realistic. It was hard to find correct backgrounds and images that would fit in with my photos. Finally, it was hard making sure that there was no background left from the original photo in the final edition as this would make the final photos look unrealistic. Overall, I think that I did relatively well on this assignment

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Who am I project


To understand the purposes and differences of selfies, portraits and self-portraits;
To look at the work of of contemporary artists who create portraits and self-portraits and interpret and analyze their purposes;
To create a video that effectively communicates “who you are”;

To use imovie’s features in a creative and unique way.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Creative Portraits/Self Portraits

I tried several different strategies when shooting my photos. One of the strategies I read about was having the person being photographed look out of the screen. Here, I used that strategy in my first photo. I like this strategy because it shows a focused look on my brother's face as he is playing lacrosse, capturing his focus on the game. Another strategy that I used was altering perspective of the person. Although I don't have an example, I took many different photos from unique positions. This gives the viewer a much more interesting and refreshing look at the photo instead of the stereotypical portrait.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Who Am I

Who am I? Well, I am a lot of things. I am athletic, funny, smart, kind, respectful, and so much more.  My favorite subject is history and I love to read, especially books on World War II. Outside of academics, sports are my passion. I play lacrosse in the spring and football in the fall. I also enjoy skiing and golf during my free time. I love to be outdoors as well, whether I'm hiking, surfing, or just relaxing by my pool during the summer. I also love to travel. My favorite place to go to is St. John, in the Caribbean. It's practically my second home. Sports are very important to me. They allow me to meet new people and are really fun. Family is also important. I love spending time with my relatives. St. John is also important to me. Every year I look forward to April Break when we go there. Some of my goals are very large, but I hope I will be able to accomplish them. I want to go to a good school and live a successful life with a good job. I also want to play a sport, most likely lacrosse, at a college or professional level.